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Season 5, episode 12 of Person of Interest

Internet Movie Database

Genres: Drama, Crime, Action, Mystery

Countries: USA

Released: 2016


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Finch goes on a mission to destroy Samaritan by unleashing the most dangerous computer virus known on it. In the process, Finch and the Machine continue to discuss in balance if she has done more good or bad. She provides him with simulations of what would have happened to several different people if she had never existed. Finch will also learn if the Machine has truly learned that self-preservation is the top priority. He too will find how much collateral damage he is willing to exact in the process. Meanwhile, Reese and Shaw receive the next number from the Machine, that belonging to an alias for Greer. What they believe his number means is that the showdowns between he and Finch and thus between Samaritan and the Machine are imminent. But most importantly, they know in following the leads to Greer, they will also find Finch. Those leads take them back to Washington DC, most specifically the offices of the National Security Agency (NSA). They may be without the services of the ...

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Kelly Macdonald


Daisy Ridley

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