Episode The Day the World Went Away

Season 5, episode 10 of Person of Interest

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The Day the World Went Away

Genres: Drama, Crime, Action, Mystery

Countries: USA

Released: 2016

The Day the World Went Away

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The Day the World Went Away

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Feeling like his time is near, Finch hopes to get some answers directly from the Machine before he locks her down, while in the process not wanting his friends to die on his behalf. Finch continues to have philosophical differences with Root about giving the Machine the tools to defend herself, those which were not the rules he wanted when he created her. Finch may have subconsciously predetermined his fate when the next number provided by the Machine is his, meaning that his cover as college professor has been blown. Regardless of Finch's feelings on the matter, his friends intend to protect him to their own deaths if that's what it takes, as in Reese's words Finch is just the next in the latest of numbers he was hired to save. Also on board until the end is Elias, who has seen his friends killed by Samaritan. Finch may make some decisions about the Machine based on what happens as Greer and Samaritan's legion track him. And Reese believes he has come to the true reason why Finch's ...

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