Episode Reassortment

Season 5, episode 8 of Person of Interest

Internet Movie Database

Genres: Drama, Crime, Action, Mystery

Countries: USA

Released: 2016


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Shaw plans and executes an escape from Samaritan's operatives. Mr. Reese is following an international business man named Ko who's getting sick. Things get worse when Ko dies as he may have been infected with a mysterious virus. As a result, Mr. Reese and Harold get trapped in a hospital trying to find the person who may be responsible for Ko's death as well as preventing an outbreak. From the subway, Root helps them identify the perpetrator. However, a third player comes around, Jeff, who's given a tough choice by an operative of Samaritan. Fusco reaches out to Elias to help him dig deeper into the dead bodies from the tunnel.

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Faune A. Chambers


Elisabeth Röhm

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