Episode Sotto Voce

Season 5, episode 9 of Person of Interest

Internet Movie Database
Sotto Voce

Genres: Drama, Crime, Action, Mystery

Countries: USA

Released: 2016

Sotto Voce

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Reese is leading the surveillance on the latest number, 24-hour locksmith Terry Easton. When Reese sees Terry clandestinely breaking into an investment firm, he finds an obviously scared Terry inside with a bomb strapped to his wrist, which Reese is able to dismantle. Reese will learn that Terry's wife Carla is being held hostage by whoever forced Terry to do the break-in by strapping that bomb to his wrist, that person vowing to kill Carla if Terry doesn't comply. Based on voice recognition of the messages left by that person to Terry's cell phone, Finch knows that the person behind what is happening is a mastermind criminal nicknamed The Voice, his identity still unknown. Because of The Voice's deep criminal history, Finch believes he has to call in specialized assistance to find out who The Voice is and what his end game with Terry is. While Reese brings Terry into the precinct for safe keeping, he finds that the precinct is abuzz with activity, including a Hispanic gang called the...

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