Episode 6,741

Season 5, episode 4 of Person of Interest

Internet Movie Database

Genres: Drama, Crime, Action, Mystery

Countries: USA

Released: 2016


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Shaw is able to escape from Greer and his men, using a known method for her friends to find her, all the while eluding Greer and Samaritan. When Shaw is reunited with her friends who believe it best not to take her back to the safe "house" or divulge the location of the Machine to her, it is not all a happy reunion. While Reese wants to be careful believing that Samaritan might have turned her, they are all aware that a microchip has been implanted in her skull, the chip probably some method of control over her. Even when Root is able to extract the chip from her skull, Shaw knows that something is still not quite right with her. Finch is able to decipher for what the chip was meant to accomplish. All these items together truly do make Shaw a risk to the team.

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Elizabeth Regen


Zoe Kazan

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