Episode A More Perfect Union

Season 5, episode 6 of Person of Interest

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A More Perfect Union

Genres: Drama, Crime, Action, Mystery

Countries: USA

Released: 2016

A More Perfect Union

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A More Perfect Union

Reese is given the assignment as lead in dealing with the latest number by the Machine, it a number for a marriage license, that of heiress Phoebe Turner, whose father, Kent Turner, owns a $1 billion horse breeding/racing business, and Will O'Brien, a relatively poor public defender. Finch's initial thought is that Will is the intended target as someone, perhaps Kent, probably does not want him to get his hands on any of the Turners' vast wealth. The best way to deny the perpetrator's intention is to make sure that the wedding proceeds as planned, which means the team infiltrating the wedding. While Finch devises a way for Reese to use his masculine good looks in getting an invite, Finch decides to assist in also being at the wedding, masquerading as one of Will's relatives from Ireland. Finch probably wishes that he did more research into "Uncle Ralph" before choosing this identity as his way in. They will find that the situation is more complex as one of Phoebe's bridesmaids is ...

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Cate Blanchett


Melissa Peterman

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