Episode ShotSeeker

Season 5, episode 5 of Person of Interest

Internet Movie Database

Genres: Drama, Crime, Action, Mystery

Countries: USA

Released: 2016


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The team is divided in their efforts. Finch has set up a confined simulation to see how the Machine would fare against Samaritan in an open battle, the process largely excluding Root. Beyond that exclusion, Root and Finch have a philosophical disagreement on how best to handle the outcome of the simulation, most specifically if Finch needs to make changes to the Machine's coding so that she can better protect herself. Fusco has been menacingly approached by Bruce Moran, an associate of Elias'. Moran, who had been underground since Elias' death four months ago, is looking for answers from the people he thinks are in the know, Fusco only the most visible. They have to decide how much to divulge to Moran for his and their own good. With those three occupied, Reese is left largely on his own to deal with the latest number, that belong to Ethan Garvin, a sound analyst for ShotSeeker, a company that produced and administers a program used by the NYPD that monitors false alarm sounds, most ...

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Olivia Williams


Rooney Mara

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