Fear Me (Broken Love #1)(9)

by B.B. Reid

“Unless Mr. Masters and Ms. Monroe are teaching the class please face the front and do try to pay attention,” Mrs. Connors huffed out when she turned to find that the other students attention were fixed on us rather than her lesson.

The entire class was sneaking peaks at us until Keiran leaned forward from his sprawled position to rest his forearms on the table to shoot them all warning glares and suddenly they were all scrambling to turn around.  It was the one time I was grateful for his power within the school. I didn't want the attention, especially when it involved Keiran. I felt my phone vibrate and read the text from Willow.

Tell me the rumors aren’t true! What is going on??? U n Keiran?!

Willow’s social status was not much better than mine, although she didn't have an enemy like Keiran, but if news already reached her than that means the entire school already knew. I looked up at the clock – five minutes.

That’s got to be a record.

I started to type out my response when Keiran deftly plucked my phone out of my hand, checking the message before pocketing it. I gaped at him. He just took my phone!

“Ms. Monroe, please pay attention. If you cannot I will have you removed from the class,” the teacher announced. I heard snickers around the class mainly from a few of the popular girls sitting together in front of us.

My embarrassment doubled when Keiran shot the teacher a look that had the color draining from her face. She fumbled over herself and then resumed teaching the class. Whoa, the teachers are afraid of him too? That didn’t give me much hope for enlisting help. I wonder who else is afraid of him?

The rest of class passed without much excitement and I was surprised to find that Keiran was actually studious. He took notes although he didn't engage in any of the discussion. I didn't either, but then again I never really did. I had conditioned myself to stay hidden at all times even when he wasn’t around. It was a messed up way to live but he left me no choice.

* * *

By the end of English I was eager for my next period, which was physical education. I was pretty sure I wouldn't have class with Keiran because athletes weren’t required to take physical health as long as they were active on a team. The schools made physical education a yearly requirement at all levels as a way to promote health awareness.

He stopped me before I could walk off for my next class and said, “Let me see your schedule.” I handed him the card and he scanned it before handing it back to me. He then grabbed my chin and raised my face to his to stare down into my eyes. “You tell no one about this, not even your friend.” I looked away from him defiantly, but he only gripped my face tighter. “Don't test me on this Monroe, you won’t like the consequences.”

I nodded then asked, “Can I have my phone back?”

He looked as if he wanted to refuse, but then he dug my phone out of his pocket and handed it over. He followed me all the way to the gym where I had Volleyball. I was looking forward to it for two reasons. Willow and I enjoyed the game so we decided to take it together and Keiran wouldn’t be there. The only downside was there were only females in this class and every one of them was in love in Keiran. I headed into the locker rooms to get changed. As I was storing my phone in an empty locker, I noticed I had a message.


I frowned at the cryptic message until I read the name or rather the initial "K". He must have gotten my number when he was digging through my phone earlier. I wondered for a moment what I should say before I decided not to respond and tossed my phone into the locker. I changed into my gym uniform while cursing my current predicament and myself.

"Alright you, cough up the good stuff and no funny business, capiche?" I couldn’t help but laugh at the bad impersonation of a mobster and turned to face my best friend...who was actually holding a toy gun.

Her antics never stop.

"Hey, who’s holding the gun here? No laughing." I stifled my laugh and waited for her to continue.

"Now a little birdie tells me that you and the dark lord showed up to class this morning and were making cute and cuddly in the back of the class. Tell me my Intel made a mistake. I don't want to have to off any tops, if you know what I mean, but I have to protect my interests. You are one of my best, Don Lake."

To someone who didn't know Willow would think she was just clowning around, but I heard the message loud and clear. She is scared for me and wants me to remember that I'm her best friend and she is here for me if I need help.

I wanted to confide in her but I knew Keiran’s threat wasn't exclusive to my aunt...he would use anyone I loved to get to me. I couldn't let that happen so I only hugged her to me. Willow and I were like sisters where it counted and could feel each other's pain. I let a tear fall as we embraced.

"Lake you can't keep secrets from me, you have to be honest! Tell me what's going on with you," she sobbed and broke down in frustration.

"You first...”

Chapter Four

I finished the game with an over aggressive spike that had some of the other girls raising an eyebrow but ‘so what?’ We won the match. Most of my anger was coming from the fact that Willow wasn't speaking to me. She even chose an opposing team, which was huge for us. We did everything together and now it felt as if there was a wedge driven between us. I couldn't lose my only friend but I also couldn’t believe she was hiding something, but wanted me to bare my demons. I shook my head in frustration. What the hell happened with her this summer?

I now had confirmation that something was wrong. She closed up after I hinted that she was keeping secrets. Willow was an open book—a free spirit. She knew who she was and wasn't afraid to show the world; unlike me, I hid. After showering, I rushed to catch up with Willow who had finished before me and left without saying a word. We had lunch period together this year, but I didn't know if she would show up since we normally avoided that area.

When I rounded a corner, my mouth took a nosedive and I blinked just to make sure I wasn’t hallucinating. Willow’s lips were freaking attached to a tall, muscular guy. He had a strong arm wrapped around her waist while a large hand palmed the back of her head as he devoured her lips like a starved man. They were oblivious to my presence and continued to feast on each other, so I stepped back around the corner to give them privacy. When I heard a low masculine groan I peeked around to watch them again. His hand was lowering to grab onto her ass and lift her into his groin. She moaned which seemed to make him hungrier.